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What's New.
Dec 25, 09 1:02 PM
Picking up the pieces.
Oct 12, 09 11:18 AM
Where We Belong.
Aug 21, 09 8:17 AM
In T3 Again!
Aug 18, 09 1:23 PM
Animal House has moved. - Not the posted destinations.
Aug 8, 09 11:55 PM
Welcome to the Animal House website.  Feel free to stop by the forums and drop us a line!

What's New.

Krowd, Dec 25, 09 1:02 PM.
Through all of the server merges and attempts to check out new games, we've landed on WAR - Destro side on Volkmar.

Things are going pretty well, and we've got the destro guild to rank 20 already.  We're also on the verge of finishing Lost Vale.  With Sentinel dungeons taking roughly 1 hour (for both).

So, for any of you lurkers waiting around and seeing how things are going, that's pretty much the update.

Happy Holidays.

Picking up the pieces.

Krowd, Oct 12, 09 11:18 AM.
As of this week, Animal House goes back into full swing.

We'll be running warbands, recruiting, and attempting to clear the dungeons, for gear.

With the patch just around the corner, it's time to quit napping, and start capping.

Members - See my posts in the forum areas.


Where We Belong.

Krowd, Aug 21, 09 8:17 AM.
After a couple weeks of trial on Gorfang, in a core server setting, surrounded by core server players, and lots and lots of debating, Animal House is moving back to a setting in which it belongs.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  We have effectively moved to a more challenging and rvr focused setting on the server of Dark Crag, as the "gimp" destruction realm.  Some of us are dusting off old mains, as well as many of us rolling new characters to level with those whom have none there.

We made a serious effort on Gorfang, and a couple of us scouted Badlands, to the same effect.  The core setting, the imbalance (more or less the lack of performance one way or another) of population etc. etc. were all taking their toll and we were losing core players.  Something had to be done.

People seem excited, and for a few, the destro side is a fresh thing to play.  Lets see if we can recharge and once again rebuild upon what we once had on Praag.

In T3 Again!

Krowd, Aug 18, 09 1:23 PM.
That's right!  Back into the fire we go!

Already running T3 warbands, we're picking up our gear and moving rather quickly.

We're even going to visit Gunbad!

For those of you who've moved elsewhere and keep checking in, roll on Gorfang and get caught up!  We've got alts, and stragglers.  Get back in the game!

Animal House has moved. - Not the posted destinations.

Krowd, Aug 8, 09 11:55 PM.
In light of all the crap that has gone down in the last few days.  Thanks Mythic.  We've chosen to reroll on Gorfang as Order once again.

We hope to level together, and gain guild ranks faster this time around, as we've got such a good core roster already.

Come join us, we're staying positive, and we're going to keep moving forward!
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